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Free classified ads for all jewellery suppliers and service suppliers

The Jewellery App (TJA) releases a major upgrade for its 900 members and a new service to the whole trade, TJA-Connect is an online networking and advertising platform to connect suppliers and retailers online at

This new members platform is all about giving suppliers a cost-effective way to promote themselves and be found by retailers.

The free classified ads allow all suppliers or service providers a way to get listed and be found by a simple online search, this challenges the current status quo with trade shows and magazines where the high costs stop businesses getting exposure and retailers finding new suppliers or services.

‘We set out to connect the trade with our B2B e-commerce platform, this new service opens our services to everyone’ says Daren Daniels, Founder of The Jewellery App, he continues ‘We want to give the trade a new set of tools and resources that makes it simple, cost-effective and immediate to find companies, services, products and information. TJA-Connect is the next phase after the B2B e-commerce site and brings us closer to our mission as it brings all we’ve been working on together’.

TJA-Connect is setup up to be a global platform which will drive a more dynamic industry with its, information, reviews, and ratings. Jewellers are always looking for assurance before buying but sometimes those assurances aren’t available within their network so the decision is an uninformed one. TJA-Connect removes this issue as members can add their feedback on suppliers and products for others to review during the buying decision process.

In addition to the ads, the ‘Your News’ blog is a focused section for advertisers for only new products and services, not general news, giving a focus for new things within the trade and again helps suppliers get exposure to retailers with product launches.

Claim your free classified ad today and start promoting your company, go to and click on free ads.

5 Reasons Online Marketplaces Are Important for The Jewellery Trade

What is an online marketplace I hear you ask? They are like a modern version of the shopping centre, or a market in a town, but it’s all online and on one website. They have almost become invisible to us as we get used to shopping on them, and the trend for online buyers is moving more and move to these types of website and away from the individual website.

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