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Guild Valuation Services

Guild Valuation Services (GVJ)

Based in the world heritage city of Bath, the Guild of Valuers & Jewellers is one of the UK’s leading specialists in providing professional jewellery, watch and silverware valuation and registration services. Guild Valuations are offered through retail jewellery stores across the UK.

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The Jewelry Wordsmith

Voice Your Brand, Better.


I write tailor-made content to suit your business goals. Either blog posts, website copy or white paper, my words will embellish your brand.

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Society of British Jewellers

Official members of The Society of British Jewellers have access to many amazing Supplier Discounts (metals, findings, hallmarking, gemstones, diamonds and much more), their own Digital Membership Badge, a Certificate of Membership and the promotion of their work on our Social Media Platforms, helping to reach new customers!

Both official members and non-members can join our private Facebook Group (5000+ members), where knowledge, news and events are shared. Also, a useful place to ask industry questions.

If you are a Supplier, please get in touch for more information regarding trade partnerships.

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Appraisers of the World

Professional Jewellery Valuers and Appraisers

Respected - Verified - Trusted

Jewellery Appraisers of the World is a luxurious online directory presenting some of the world’s finest jewellery valuers to the public and the retail jeweller.

Retail Jewellers

You can refer your customers to the valuers featured on JAW, safe in knowing that they are in safe hands. In addition, some appraisers also perform trade work, enabling you to offer a first-class jewellery valuation service to your clientele.

Professional Valuers

We would love to feature your business, providing it meets our very stringent criteria. Please contact us.

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Makes Jewellery Sparkle

World Leaders in Jewellery Care Essentials.

The Gold standard in jewellery and watch care. For generations, professional jewellers have been using Connoisseurs products to clean jewellery and watches. Connoisseurs cleaners are formulated to clean every type of Jewellery safely and effectively. Connoisseurs is renowned for its product innovation and has transformed the jewellery care industry with products such as the Jewellery Wipes and Diamond Dazzle Stik.

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Affinity Brokers Ltd


Jewellers have all sorts of unique insurance concerns to take into account, many of which won’t be adequately covered by a standard retail insurance policy. At Affinity Brokers Ltd, we’re able to arrange Commercial Jewellers Insurance that’s designed to take care of the insurance needs of your business in one go.

We can arrange Jeweller’s Block Insurance to take care of your insurance in one handy package, covering your buildings and contents insurance, employer’s liability and product liability and your stock in transit, all tailored to suit your needs.

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Kennet Leasing

Kennet Equipment Leasing has been providing UK businesses with equipment finance since 1991 and servicing the jewellery trade for almost 15 years. 

Equipment Leasing -

Display Equipment / Epos Till Systems & IT / CCTV / Fire & Security Alarm / Security Safe / Sonic Cleaner / Engraving Equipment

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Gemstone Detective

Gemstone Detective


Every treasure needs a treasure map. Therefore, if you’re looking for precious jewels, you’ll need to be equipped with the right gemstone books.

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ProSilver Jewelry Co. Ltd. 

OEM/ODM 925 Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

ProSilver Jewelry offers exciting and unique designs for you to choose from and market under your own brand. As leading manufacturers for brands and retailers ProSilver Jewelry specialize in comprehensive OEM/ODM jewelry services.

We have years of experience and a qualified team which allow us to create a perfectly finished product to your specifications. We work with jewelry retailers, jewelry brands and jewelry ecommerce entrepreneurs worldwide.

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Creating meta titles, descriptions, keywords, hashtags, Instagram posts, blogs and more is a time-consuming process, especially if you're not familiar with the industry or product. By using one of our specialist, industry-specific MetaMaker tools, you can save time and effort by having these elements generated for you automatically.

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CAD file rendering

Jewellerybuyer CAD file rendering CAD file rendering can be used to create stunning photo-realistic visuals for catalogues, websites, emails and other marketing materials.

It can also be used to create accurate prototypes for pre-production testing and evaluation or to show potential buyers the finished product before the manufacturing process begins. CAD file rendering is a powerful and cost effective service for any and all jewellery and related businesses.

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Gemlighbox Pro

Picup Media - GemLightbox Pro

It allows any jeweller with a smartphone to capture 4 studio-quality images and 1 video in just one click!

Bigger, faster and Pro customisable lighting

GemLightbox Pro is an all-in-one jewellery photography lightbox made for jewellers. Pro is fitted with a professional lighting system so you can show off even greater colour accuracy in your jewellery. Our new lighting system perfectly illuminates jewellery from every angle.

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Will Barrett Designs

Will Barrett Designs

Textured Circles

Bangle Brass, 18ct gold plating - cast, using brass as its base metal along with a thick plating of 18kt yellow gold 2.5 microns thick. The inside is polished to a high mirror finish while the outside is textured.

This designer is fascinated with the process of lost wax casting and seeks to push the limits of what is possible to be cast. 

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Coral Huang

Coral Huang

Enchanted Harmony
Art, Tech & Botanical Jewellery Blue Brooch & Bracelet : Recyclable silver, 3Dprinted aluminium alloy, simulated tanzanite, simulated blue diamond, blue glass, blue electrophoretic painting

Drawing inspiration from 19th-century Romanticism, Wanshan's jewellery celebrates creativity, imagination, and a fascination with nature. The fusion of AI, modelling, and metal 3D printing embodies the exploration of new artistic fields. Blending botanical, futuristic and environmentally friendly elements, her pieces demonstrate the fusion of human creativity and technological innovation.

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Acanthia Jewellery

Acanthia Jewellery

Acanthia Collection
Acanthia Necklace: Fairtrade 9ct gold casting, recycled diamond-cut ball chain, recycled belcher chain, tourmaline (ethically sourced), peridots (ethically sourced) and cubic zirconia

Emma’s inspiration for this collection is nature and more specifically the Acanthus plant. The design concept is based around the ideology of the art nouveau period of jewellery, creating new ideas and pushing boundaries.

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Jihyo Kim Jewellery

Jihyo Kim Jewellery

Jihyo Kim Jewellery Creates sustainable jewellery, Coffee rings, necklaces & waist of charms. Discover Recycled Materials, 3D Print, Unique Designs and Korean Traditions.

"Embrace the essence of sustainable beauty with an environmental consciousness. Kim's sustainable art jewellery conveys a powerful message, highlighting the significance of sustainable design that commences with the smallest of actions.”

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Stefan Mocanu 

Stefan Mocanu 

Stefan Mocanu BA Homs Silversmithing  & Jewellery   Glasgow School of Art

Hidden Knowledge

Brooch. Press formed recycled white precious metal and white precious metal fittings.

Stefan pushes the boundaries by merging art, science, and technology, creating captivating pieces that challenge perceptions. His modular and customisable work, inspired by cosmic mysteries, explores interstellar communication, inviting audiences to journey into the unknown.

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Yuwei Qian

Yuwei Qian

The elements like screens, cameras and messages of our watches and phones become decorations; some imitate fingerprint smudges, others represent reflections of the surroundings that we see when the screen is turned off, the deranged dial on the watch also reflects losing the sense of time which all reminds us to look at the world beyond our devices.
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